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Prints and Preschool

I’m not sure how many of my Priddies are mothers, but those of you who are know that this time of year means back to school. Now those of you have older children are season veterans at preparing the kiddies for their return to school.  However, this summer my first born son turned three and can now attend the Pre-k 3 program at the local preschool. 

My baby boy Trint

Let’s rewind some 2 years earlier,when Trint turned 1 year old. I started the countdown for school.  I couldn’t wait!! Then the day arrived , and I was more nervous than he appeared. I just knew that when we got there he would cry and tantrum , making a huge scene yelling “MOM DON’T GO!” Surprisingly that didn’t happen. He walked right in and found his name for his cubbie and coat hook. He hung his things, turned around and waved and said in his best big kid voice,” Bye ,Mom! I’ll see you later” 2 hugs later I was in the car and I was the one weeping. I just couldn’t believe my baby boy was growing up and at school. I cried a good minuted, actually the whole car ride home. (You’ll find out I’m a big cry baby.)

Of course I had to call my husband, we had a bet going whether he would cry or not. (He won.)   He calmed me down letting me know that this was inevitable and how I should be excited that he is so studious at such a young age. But as a mom its always hard to see your kids grow up and not need you. (Look at me acting like he’s going to college, it’s just 1/2 day Pre-K)

Anyhow , I met the teacher and got to tour to school and here are the pics as well as the Look of the Day.

Mom Look of the Day

 Earrings: Beauty Supply Store- Faux Pearl $1.99 (for a pack of 12)

Top: Goodwill- Pink Knit Sleeveless 4.99     

 Skirt:Salvation Army - Green skirt w/ Paisely print $4.50     

Belt: Bargain City Thrift - Braided Belt $.50           

 Shoes: Target- Off white sandal w/ Gold accent $14.99

Here’s a look at the accessories I wore for the day. Simple pearl earrings and bracelet both from the local beauty supply store.

Mom’s Big Boy

Mom and the Little Diva

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Here’s my prize from the Fabellis giveaway. Just showing it off and giving much thanks. Pictures still to come!

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dough - re - me

Hey Priddies! This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating a very good friend of mine’s 24th birthday at ATL’s pizza hotspot.

So I have to say that this place has high tech pizza mastered, you order all your food and drinks via personal Ipad for your table. (SWANKY!!)

Their bathroom decided to ditch the tradition of wall adorned mirrors and use mounted Ipad’s instead. Not only do you get a digital view of yourself you can take advantage of the bathroom photo op that all us Priddies do when we go out; minus that annoying flash-burst or phone in the picture blocking your outfit.

No mirrors

So of course Priddies I went for it initiating a 15 minute impromptu photo shoot ,in which my whereabout were questioned later.  After the potty room fashion shoot I had the option to emailed them to myself 0_0 ( I know right!) 

Bathroom Photoshoot

Now I have to say that this place has hipster ambiance covered. Now most trendy places offer live DJ’s but do [dough] takes “musically inspired pizza” to the next level offering video djaying that is projected on all of walls of the restaurant. Not to mention they have an app that allows you to request songs without having to leave the comfort of your table.

I mean you would think that with all of this high-tech hipster trendiness it would be really expensive but surprisingly, it was not.(See menu here) The personal sized handmade pizza run no more that $10.50 with tax and the alcoholic beverages are about the price you would pay in a club but double the size. So Priddies if you are in the Metro Atlanta area get you pizza fix with music flair at do [dough] I recommend it!

The Evening

The hubbie and I

The Birthday Girl and Your’s Truly

Three Musketeers!!

Group Photo

The Group

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Thrifty 365: July Haul


Priddies, I couldn’t wait to share my Thrift Store Shopping Spree. It has been a while since I’ve gone thrifting and I have to say I truly missed the rummaging through the endless racks of tossed away treasures. I was so excited but the down side was my husband and 5 month old daughter came along. Don’t get me wrong I love those guys to death but any seasoned thrifter knows that you shop alone or with a thrifty side kick.

Priddies, we all have been shopping with our men and you know how they rush us and ask 100 times “Are you done yet?? " So I was on a timer. But he did really good he let me shop uninterrupted for an hour and a half. I know some of you like are like wow thats along time, but if you are one of my thrifty side kicks y’all know that I marathon shop. But I managed some great finds and stayed below my budget.  

Black/White Floral Print Blazer 

Black Knit Crew neck Blouse

Black cuffed Capri Pant

Vintage Red/White/blue Color Block Dress

Dark Denim Flare Jeans

Black/White Paisley A-Line Skirt

Navy Blue Pant

Stretch Waistband Print Pants

Rust Brown A-Line SKirt

Polyester Printed Blouse

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Wardrobe 101: The Basic - Short Sleeve Tee Shirt (White/Black)

Okay priddies back to the basics. This time we are focusing on the basic short-sleeve tee. Now I know all of my thriftanistas have a friend that spends 80 bucks on a designer plain tee. 0_0 No clue why??? Okay here’s a priddy thrifty secret about this wardrobe essential *whispers* "buy the cheap ones!" I mean really they fade, get stretched out, get stained. So don’t waste the money on something you will have to replace anyway.

Now there are many styles of tee like the V-neck ,slim fit, extra long crew-neck, this style list is endless. So choose base on your preferences. I favor scoop-necks like the one shown below.

2. White Scoop neck short-sleeve tee shirt - it’s so simplistic it can be paired with almost anything. Some many ways to use a simple tee to create multiple looks with in you wardrobe  


                  Mossimo Scoop Neck Tee in White $8.00 at Target

Look 1:

This flirty look is a great casual way to be cute and super girly for any event on your social calendar. The white tee shirt gives this a clean crisp look.

Look 2: 

Now I love the white tee shirt paired with the funky flair of the palazzo pants. And the orange really pops against the white. Love Love Love this look.

3. Black Scoop neck short-sleeve tee shirt - Black makes everything chic even a basic tee. This staple is just the thing you need in your closet to take all your pants, skirts and shorts and make them super chic and edgy          


                  Mossimo Scoop Neck Tee in White $8.00 at Target

Look 1:

This look featuring the short  sleeve black tee is an all-around look for day or night and anything event in-between. You could put this on to go shopping at the mall the rendezvous with a boy toy later that night.

Look 2: 

This look is office friendly with fierce touch of color. This could also be a fashion forward look for any semi-dressy occasion.

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Just a casual look of the day. This is a gifted dress I got from my sister. My sandals were $14.99 at target. I just plan to hangout at the house and have a movie night with my bestie. So something simple and comfy!

Just a casual look of the day. This is a gifted dress I got from my sister. My sandals were $14.99 at target. I just plan to hangout at the house and have a movie night with my bestie. So something simple and comfy!

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So this is my hair look of the day the infamous “frohawk” I wanted something edgy but like 50’s pin up type poof in the front. My fro elvis look

So this is my hair look of the day the infamous “frohawk” I wanted something edgy but like 50’s pin up type poof in the front. My fro elvis look

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